Wedding Planning Tips-Choosing your Decor Style and Loving it

Wedding Planning Tips-Choosing your Decor Style and Loving it

Have you ever had a blank canvas given to you, and you are told to do whatever you want with it? You can decorate it however you’d like, use any materials of your choice, and make it truly represent you? I’m sure you have! Now picture that exact concept but with your wedding day. It is your canvas to decorate and personalize however you’d like!

As a little girl, I was always creating things. Whether it be drawing anything and everything that happened to be sitting in front of me, to crafting my own paper outfits out of scrap paper. I spent hours creating and designing and that part of me has never disappeared. I used to day dream about designing my own wedding and making it unique, romantic and beautiful!

The Overwhelming Pinterest Board

I remember during the first few weeks after my fiance proposed to me, I was so excited to start planning that I got right into the design because I just couldn’t wait. I immediately became overwhelmed with hundreds of vision boards, wedding decor ideas, beautiful brides surrounded by beautiful scenery, and articles telling me how to make my wedding “the most beautiful wedding that’s ever been.” I remember saving so many things on my Pinterest that were all over the place and didn’t truly represent me and what I liked, I just thought it was pretty and popular in the moment.



After slowing down and asking myself what I really wanted my wedding to look and feel like, I learned that those images and ideas I was obsessing over weren’t what was important. I stopped comparing what I liked to what I saw all over Pinterest and wedding sites and found my true dream style. Of course, I used my favorites as inspiration but I had to stop going back and forth with what I wanted and what I thought was “the most beautiful”. It started with me letting go of having my wedding be beautiful in every girl’s eyes, and only beautiful in my own and in God’s. I chose my wedding style by reflecting on how I want to incorporate God and combining that with the organic and romantic wedding style that I have always loved.

Choosing your style…and continuously loving it!

Choosing the style of your wedding is an ongoing process and you won’t have it nailed down in one day. The most important thing to remember it’s what YOU love that matters when it comes down to the details and styling. Use this opportunity to get creative and let your wedding style represent you! I remember having my style and decor ideas set and I was ready to roll. But then I kept seeing more and more photos of new ideas popping up all over my news feed! I kept trying to add in new things until I realized that it wasn’t even “me” anymore. This is the one thing us brides need to stray away from no matter how hard it is….comparison. It is one of the greatest forces of evil that can drag you down and consume your thoughts. We must not let it take our eyes off of the true meaning of our wedding. Whenever this happened to me, I would say Jesus’s name, feel comfort in his presence, and remember that I am free to be me and nobody else. My wedding would be beautiful without thinking I needed to add in all of these little details that won’t matter to our marriage.

That being said, once you find the style you love and ideas that you get giddy over…don’t second guess them just because you keep seeing more and more pretty things being featured all over the place! You are free to design your blank canvas how YOU desire and not what you think it “should” look like. Get creative, get personal, and make it meaningful!


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