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A Shortcut to Choosing your Wedding Color Palette

A Shortcut to Choosing your Wedding Color Palette

So you just got engaged…now what?! Well first thing is first, celebrate!! This is one of the most exciting and special times of your life, don’t let it fly by you. Take it all in because you are about to enter into a ride full of love, adventure, laughter and happiness with the love of your life.

Once you’ve caught your breath and can actually take your eyes off of your left hand for more than five minutes, you can start the planning process for your big day! Obviously the big things come first like location, venue, and obviously the date, but the fun part of planing is when you get to make your dream wedding vision come to life!

Where do I begin?

Don’t pretend like you’ve never heard of that magical little dream board tool that can encompasses the most beautiful wedding designs ever…yep…Pinterest. It can turn into a love-hate relationship when you see so many beautiful colors and ideas that you think you know what you want. But then you realize you have 10 different color schemes saved to your wedding board! So, how do you escape the clutter and really narrow down what colors YOU love together and sticking with them to build your decor off of.

Here are some tips to get you started on choosing your dream color palette + theme if you are stuck loving all the inspiration photos you come across!


Gather as many inspiration photos as you want that you love. Even if they are different colors, just start a collection of anything that looks like it could be inspiration for your big day.


Group together all of your favorite photos from the ones you collected. Once you start doing this, you will see a pattern start to form of what your favorite colors and styles look like. You may have thought you wanted gold as your accent color but then you realize all of your favorite photos incorporate silver!

Establish Your Theme

Okay, so you have a collection of your favorite images (this doesn’t mean you can’t keep looking later on). Now, it’s time to determine the overall theme that you are going for. If you have images that are full of greenery and wood statements, your theme may be organic with a lot of natural and timeless elements. But say you have a ton of greenery and simplicity but also chandeliers, light muted colors, and floral accents. You can easily combine them into an rustic + organic + whimsical theme! There isn’t a set list of wedding things you have to choose from, you can get creative with anything that you think would be beautiful.

Once you have your theme down, you can create your wedding design board on Pinterest and start pinning things that you adore and fall into your theme’s category.

The Palette

Now that you have a theme, you can establish your palette. Go back and look at all your inspiration you’ve saved in your new decor board and take note on the colors you see. Usually, they will all be pretty similar since the images are what YOU chose to keep as inspiration. You should establish your main color, any accent colors, and metal color!

If you can’t decide on a single color, that’s where a palate comes in. It’s becoming so popular to take the route of choosing a color “tone” instead of a single color. This option is so beautiful because you will have a mix of different tones in your bridesmaid dresses decor that all compliment each other!

For example, if you love lilac but don’t want your entire wedding to be that color, add some other muted colors in your bridesmaid dress selection as well. Like light grays or even a floral print. Once you have the colors chosen for bridesmaid dresses, you can incorporate those color tones into the rest of your decor decisions!

If  you’ve tried everything and still can’t narrow it down, below are some sample color palettes that I absolutely adore!





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  1. You have so many good ideas… Colors are the hardest part of wedding plans. Their are so many options available. Good tips

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